Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mission Everest Base Camp

I think it was almost this same date last year since this trip, and I'm going to tell you about my experience there!

Starting from Pune, it was perfect, I went on the Spice jet flight to Delhi with the rest of the group.
The problem started when my flight from Delhi to Kathmandu got cancelled. I was not on the same flight as my parents. With me was Atul Marathe, a friend of my parents'.

Then we waited till the evening but still no news. Then I was comped a stay at hotel Centaur where there was a sumptuous buffet, after which I dozed off. Next day, we got the first Royal Nepal flight to Kathmandu.
After that I found out that my parents had left for Lukla which was my next stop.
Then I met up with the second group of people with whom I was to continue the rest of my journey.

Then I grew hopeful about getting the next flight to Lukla. The next day, I learned that my ticket had been delayed due to a backlog. Later, I found out that the flight I was to be on had crashed!

I thanked luck, and was stranded for 3 days in Kathmandu. I had lost it by that time and thought that I wouldn't be able to complete the trek. Finally I reached Lukla, then I had to rush up to my destination. This was because the rest of my group were American Indians, NRIs, and their return tickets were fixed, so we had to make the trip as fast as possible. This posed a certain risk as ascending fast at high altitudes can cause mountain sickness which can be fatal.
We continued without rest or acclimatisation. After reaching Thengboche, a place with many beautiful monasteries, I met a sherpa who was sent by my parents to stop me from going further up. This was because they felt that it was too dangerous for me to continue. So I headed back, quite confused, to Namche Bazar, a renouned spot on this route. I stayed there for 5 days and also met a group of indians from Pune, my hometown. They were with an organisation called Trekdi. So i bid farewell to them as they left for their journey. And on their way, they met my parents who were on their way back (They had to return as my dad was suffering from serious mountain sickness which is why they worried so much in the first place. If he had stayed up there for one more hour, he would have been no more! That freaked me out.) Anyway, they met my parents and told them that they had met me at the same tea-house. So they told me that they could take me along with them to the rest of the journey.

My parents were overjoyed and so they returned to Namche Bazar and then told me all of this. Then i went back to Thengboche and continued with Trekdi. Then the normal trip continued. Finally we reached Gorakh Shep from where we climbed Kala Patthar which is right beside EBC and from where I saw the first rays of the sun fall on Mt. Everest! What a view it was!

Later we continued down. But a person from our group had to return to India by road as she didn't have her passport but only her pancard, so along with a guy from our group, descended faster than the rest of us. So we continued down. Anish Vaze, one of my group mate's leg was badly injured, so we had to go slow. Then we reached Lukla at last only to find both of them still stranded at the airport. Then I got my ticket from a lodge there and pre-poned it for the next day. Ironically I left on the last flight that day with both of them still at the airport! So they came the next day to the hotel. That night I ate nice hot steamed momos and drank 2L of sprite while watching ghost rider. I felt a lot better. The next day the rest of the team arrived and we finally left for Calcutta, on the same flight! Then guess what? Mom had booked me on a Kingfisher flight to Mumbai! I was quite excited as I hadn't traveled with Kingfisher before, the flight was sweet! Then I was really glad to see some familiar faces, my cousins and my sister come to recieve me. On the way to Pune we had some of Lonavla's famous chocolate fudge!!!

Then after reaching I dozed off into a dreamless sleep!

So thats just about it, ask me for the little details later!
Gracias for your time people!
Ciao for now